The Next Generation Defines Itself in the #Neveragain Movement

The defining moment of Generation Z, or as Forbes Magazine has also called them, “The Homeland Generation,” is the Parkland School shooting. They have commenced their first political movement as a result of this event. The first thing they plan on commencing is a nation-wide gun control and mental health debate through the #Neveragain on Twitter. To end school shootings and mass shootings, this movement advocates peaceful protest to end the violence of school shootings and mass shootings. But, with any social movements, there are naysayers. Why are politicians against a generation protesting for the protection of their lives?

Conservative Politicians are against the #Neveragain movement because it threatens their political lives. It also threatens the life of the NRA. In an interview with Aylsin Camerota, Dana Loesch indicated that, “[The media] loves it. The media loves mass shootings because of ratings.” However, Camerota responded, “We do not love mass shootings. Do you think we enjoy reporting them?” Even amid the fact that mass shootings are broadcasted on a loop in a news cycle, no one enjoys reporting on many fatalities. It is jarring work. This attempt to discredit the media is one way the NRA and conservatives are attempting to filibuster major gun legislation. They are afraid that if they NRA is under attack, their political careers are under attack, and they will do anything to discredit the protests against gun violence because it attacks the ipso facto of what they believe in and do for a living.

Marco Rubio has received $9,900 from the NRA. But, there are politicians who have received more from the NRA such as John McCain (R, Arizona), Thom Tillis, (R, North Carolina), and Roy Blunt (R. Missouri), who have received a combined 16.71 million dollars from the NRA. These people are against gun control of any kind, or at least limited gun control because their political lives depend it. They need the money to get elected into office so they can buy advertisement space so people will vote for them. Men such as Marco Rubio stand by their support of the NRA because it donates to their livelihoods as Senators and politicians. It makes sense for them to discredit the Never Again movement because it threatens them.

Since the Parkland shooting, the protestors have obtained the upper hand, but their fight is nowhere near over. International corporations, such as Delta and United Airlines have dropped their endorsement of the NRA because they acknowledge that the money they send to the NRA will be used to protect the ability for mentally incompetent people to obtain firearms and stymie change. Conservatives acknowledge that this money is important, enough so that it will change the tune of men such as Marco Rubio and John McCain because they need it to continue being politicians for their respective states.

The conservatives fear that the movement that Generation Z has started with the #Neveragain movement is that their political lives will be ended as a result. They will do anything in their power to discredit it because their livelihoods depend on it. Now that the movement has started getting conservative politicians where it hurts, the purse, they will be successful, however, they need to get more corporations on board with their movement to create more change. Corporations are key to this movement, since they fund conservative politicians, and in order to change the tune of these politicians, corporations will have to withdraw funds to them. The movement has now done a fabulous job of broadcasting their movement. The next step now, is to utilize this popularity to convince corporations to black list funding to these politicians. Through the continued freezing of funds to these politicians, real change can be made. And if these politicians stand by their decision to stand by the NRA, they can be voted out at the ballot box, and naturally, the next step after this for the movement, is to attempt to create a lobby to advocate for gun control and to donate to the opponents of Rubio, McCain, and the like. This lobby should fund candidates who seek anti-gun legislation in order to make the change it desires to see.

The only way for the #Neveragain movement to achieve its vision is simple: it needs to create a lobby and endorse politicians who advocate for their view, as well as to convince corporations to donate to this lobby. The only way to do politics in the United States after all, is through the purse. And this movement should utilize the purse to pursue its goal. And this is the defining moment of Generation Z, to use the purse to pursue its safety and prosperity through broadcasting their grievances through peaceful protest.

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